“Steve, yours is not the face of one that does minimum wage”

.. Mum


Hi there, I’m Steve Lunavich

I was made in Christchurch NZ and born here in the great land of Australia. My heritage is a rich diverse blend of New Zealand Maori, German, Scottish and Native South American.

I’ve got a tonne of life experience as well as over 15 years professional experience as an Actor.

Let’s be straight. I cant in good grace, insult your intelligence by boring you with some drivel, over-the-top inspirational monologue of my lifes journey with the hope of inspiring you. I have no bullshit tales of waiting tables, scraping by day to day, living on a diet of misery, hope and 2 minute noodles. I love 2 minute noodles.

I won’t paint myself to be some kind of Maori George Clooney, crudely refering to myself in the third person, because that aint the way Stevo Clooneyvich rolls mutha f**ka’s! Nor will I whinge or whine? Thats a job reserved to the myriad of over-acting, excessivey-self-promoting thespians out there struggling with the rigors of holding it together as another cattle call crushes their feeble hearts. Diminishing rapidly their souls, as they watch another big break land in the hands of some undeserving wanker they’ve been competing with since their first holiday acting workshop together 3 months ago.

I mean, it’s not that I couldn’t. It just so happens I‘m an actor not a liar. And for the first part of my life have been cruising under the radar leading an existence rich in experience.

Until now

You see the camera doesn’t lie. As you could tell the moment you flicked upon this page, how mesmerising the stunning headshot of myself on the left is. The camera loves me, you love me and even Blind Freddy can see that right there ladies and gents is the face of professionalism, determination, versatility and a high sperm count. Not quite a smoulder, not quite a squint. Ruggedly handsome. Leading male material

Anyway, you got this bloody far, y’all might as well go to the ABOUT page and find out a little bit more about me. Though something tells me you’ve already stalked me on Facebook, imdb, Instagram and Twitter… you cheeky fings (wink 😉)