“Stevo, why do you need to keep saving the world’s orphans?”..


– Exerpt from the heading I just wrote entitled “Stevo, why do you need to keep saving the world’s orphans?.. You’re awesome”

Call me psychic,  call me intuitive. I knew you’d read the title page and thought “oh shit, not another model”. No. Well temporarily retired. Your initial thoughts were that this cat had a professional comedy writer for this website because surely a model couldn’t be that funny and intelligent. No. An ameteur writer would need the ade of spel cheque.

I get embarressed when people constantly praise me for my talents. I mean, am I a hilarious all-round entertainer? Yeah, sure. Can I sing? Like a bird, so what? “Wow Steve you play so many musical instruments?” Big deal, doesn’t everyone?… I mean, have my skills as a professional actor lead me to work on the biggest movie on the planet and multiple top rated TV shows in over 170 countries? So what if I’m able to say Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Ioan Gruffudd, Taika Waititi and Rebecca Gibney, to name a few, have been work mates? It’s inevitable through hard work, persistence and the right attitude that you can get to where I am. Or, do as I do and make a visual goal board grab a pack of tarot cards and a magic 8-ball to make all your decisions. I know I may come across as a narcicist. No one wants to hear how I played rep sports, am a Mixed  Martial Arts Instructor or the rumours based on fact of my sexual prowess. A man needs to stay humble. I just go about business with my beautiful wife and wonderful kids, and treat each day like its my last. Because I never know when the Mob will find me.

The questions I get asked the most besides “Oh you’re an Actor. How much do you get paid?” Is this “it must be disheartening going to audition after audition and not getting the job. How do you handle the struggles, and rejections? Don’t you get intimidated Steve?” My answer must be very disappointing to most. I dont get disheartened about auditions, I’m a professional auditioner, I enjoy them. I get an opportunity to act. Bescause thats what I am, an actor. I dont care where I do it, its fun. Auditioning beats the shit out of standing in sweltering heat for 12 hours in hi-vis gear digging holes with loud stinking machinery. Something I learned a long time ago. Learn to love auditioning. And learn to walk away from it.

There will be a million reasons why you wont get the part. Dont be desperate, or you’ll truly fuck your chances. I never have struggled nor intend to with acting. Mainly because I continue to live life and create life experiences, rather than sit on my arse waiting for the phone to ring. And, no I dont get intimidated. I feel fortunate, yes, but not intimidated. Due to my perception of whats intimidating. I spent most of my life working in bars, clubs and other undesirable places with some very intimidating undesirabIe people and often having my life on the line. So walking onto a set is a breeze. Am I proud of my effforts taking years of continued study to be an actor. Easily twice as much as the average apprenntice in a trade to be professional in my craft to be regarded a professional in this industry? 100%!

Make sure you stay tuned to as I will be starting my new TV Cooking Show – COOK ME SOME EGGS: FOOD TO GET YOU LAID.