Canned Corned Meat Pie

Probably the easiest pie you will ever make. Shuffling through the mountain of food that wasn't pie my gaze settled upon an old canned favourite, corned meat. My attention nearly turned to the baked beans in ham sauce when I had an epiphany. I remembered that my...

Bruschetta Bowl

One of my big fuck-offs with this so-called new age of gastronomy is the term 'de-constructed'. Especially when the local pub or tavern has just undergone a reno and they've replaced the old cook Boris for some spritely go-getter chef to bring a little class to the...

Marinated Green Lip Mussels

“The most mussels I’ve had in my mouth at onceĀ is eight!” – Brock Johnson, male porn movie ‘fluffer’

Lamb Flaps

“Who would have thought that I would love flaps? One taste, I’m hooked” – Neil Patrick Harris, vegan


“Turning beer into caramel is equal to Jesus turning water into wine” – Father Teddy O’Reilly @ Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, St Patrick’s day 2000

Summer Roll Cigars

Born out of my rabid food lust to wrap all things in filo and watch on repeat my favourite cooking shows on the food channels.. greatness was born. Light that cigar, the fat lady has sung..