Sitting here writing down this recipe, I have to say, things here could seem a little X-rated. It’s not hard to understand why really. I mean there a food that resembles a woman’s genitalia more than the Kutai aka NZ Greenlip Mussel? Is there any coincidence the New Zealand Maori men are masters of the art of cunnilingus and hold sacred the revered NZ Green Lip Mussel? I think not. Just the way we eat the bloody things looks innuendo.

The resemblance to the womans playground doesnt end there. That little beard nestled between them beautiful thigh-like shells hiding away inside those plump, rich coloured muscle lips with a soft, fresh oceanic scent, sweet, salty euphoriously divine on the tongue. Part them lips and things become,,, well… as you can see, a little X-rated!

To make these you’ll need:
To go and get yourself a nice clean glass container, like the empty Moccona jar I have here
A glass bowl
A few kilo of Green Lip Mussels
Brown Vinegar

1. Shell all the Mussels. No beards!
2. In the glass bowl pour a couple cups of vinegar and add enough sugar to get the right amount of acidity to sweetness
that you desire
3. Slice up a large onion or two medium ones and add to sweetened vinegar
4. Add Mussels and toss through lightly
5. Fill jar, seal and place in fridge and don’t touch for a few days. Show some restraint
6. Eat what doesn’t fit in jar
7. When the time cums, lather a thick bread stick hard with butter. Dig in and reward that heavy

Watch How Its Made